Sailing For Kids

Weather Master

A stand alone course for those who are seeking a comprehensive understanding of the factors involved in world meteorology and weather routing for long distance or ocean passages.

The course outline covers:

Causes of wind
Air masses
Atmospheric pressure
Air circulation
Coriolis Effect
Polar fronts
Warm fronts
Cold fronts
Ridges, troughs, squalls
Effect of jet stream
High pressure/ low pressure systems
Frontal depressions
Cloud types
Buy Ballots law
Sea /land breezes
Types of fog
Thunder and lightning
The Beaufort scale
Effects of friction
Barometric pressure
Sources of weather forecasts
Gale warnings
General synopsis
Sea area forecast
International weather map systems
Tropical revolving storms
Understanding hurricanes
Tropical waves, depressions and storms
Navigable semicircle
Dangerous quadrant
Significant wave heights
Radio warnings

Courese Fees

Note : All Course Fees are Subject to Change Without Prior Notice