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Superyacht Chef

The Superyacht Chef was written by John Harris, a veteran chef with almost 20 years of experience working and cooking aboard yachts. Initially John spent seven years working in restaurants within the UK before landing his first job on a 59' (18m) sailboat heading for the Caribbean.

Since then he has never looked back and has travelled over 150,000 miles around the world on a number of different yachts. The aim of the book is to cover all aspects of life for the would- be Superyacht chef to ensure a smooth and successful transition from land to sea and recommended for all who are considering a career in the Superyacht industry.

The book is a wealth of information and covers a multitude of subjects including:

The Superyacht Industry
Living Aboard a Superyacht
Industry Guidelines and Regulations
Chain Of Command
General On-Board Information
Preparing a Resume
Charter Yacht Agreements
Safety and Nautical Terminology
Vessel Familiarisation
The Superyacht Chef
Safe Working Practices
Provisioning The Yacht
Cooking for Guests And Crew
Making Use Of Local Markets
Passage Planning
Working In Confined Spaces
Financial Management
Tips On Recipes
Recipes for Americans, Arabs, Northern Europeans and Eastern Bloc countries, Italians, Kosher, Oriental, Indian and others.

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