Sailing For Kids

Navigation Master

A stand alone course designed to enable the offshore mariner to safely navigate extended passages using traditional methods. It includes practical navigation exercises and sample chartwork calculations.

Course Outline

Chart work instruments
The magnetic compass, variation and deviation
The Breton plotter
NOAA charts
Admiralty charts
Small craft charts
Horizontal datum
Units of measurement
Datum of soundings
Charted heights
Chart numbers
Source diagram
Editions and dates
Large scale charts
Notes, warnings, cautions
Detailed chart information
Nautical chart symbols and abbreviations
Angles and degrees
Latitude and Longitude
Defining a position
Chart work convections
Distance, speed, time and direction
Position by bearing and distance
Magnetic north
Compass error
Causes of deviation
Applying variation and deviation
The deviation card
Compass error
The hand bearing compass
Position lines and position fixes
Bearings at sea
Sectored lights
Clearing lines
Running fixes
Dead reckoning and estimated positions
The navigation log book

Courese Fees

Note : All Course Fees are Subject to Change Without Prior Notice

MINIMUM OF 3 CANDIDATES 500 (USD) (Theory & Practical)